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TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the best workouts around, and is one you can bring with you anywhere! If you were to choose one piece of equipment to give you a full body workout for any level, this would be my recommendation.  You can set it up virtually anywhere in less than a minute. You can set it up in your home over a door, from the ceiling, take it with you to a park, or pack it in your bag for a trip .  Work out anywhere and on your own schedule. BURN FAT and BUILD LEAN MUSCLE. With 300+ exercises, the TRX will give you TOTAL BODY results, helping burn unwanted fat and build lean muscle and build a stronger core.

This is not required for the program but an option for more variety in the home workouts.  There is only so much you can do with dumbbells.  If you are planning to do your strength workouts from home, I would encourage you to consider the investment.  It's basically like having an entire gym at your house with one piece of equipment.  You will be given both a TRX exercise and a correlating dumbbell exercise to choose from in the workouts.


HIIT Guide and Workouts

A guide with tips on your HIIT workouts as well as pre-choreographed workouts for you to follow.  These can be done at home, in the gym, or in a hotel room if you are traveling. 

HINT: There is a free app called "seconds" that you can use for your workouts.  You set the intervals and it will let you know when your time is up.  This way you do not have to watch a clock.  If you have the MyZone heart rate monitor, this app also has an interval timer included. 

You may also choreograph your own HIIT workout by using the time sequences in the guide and any of the HIIT/Plyometric exercises in the exercise library.

Nutrition/Fitness Cliff Notes

This is a one stop shop "cheat sheet" for you to have everything on one page.  You can print it and keep it handy or take a screenshot on your phone so you can access it anytime!

Postpartum/Breastfeeding Client Information

Your My fitness pal settings will be different than the video due to breastfeeding. You need to select 0.5 lb per week weight loss and active for your activity level in the settings.  This will make sense when you watch the video. This bumps up the calories to make up for you still breastfeeding and to be sure we don't decrease your supply. 

If your core is weak or you have diastasis (separation of the rectus abdominal muscles) from being pregnant, we will need to modify your abs. Instructions on how to check for this...

1.  Lie on your back with your knees bent, and the soles of your feet on the floor.

2.  Place one hand behind your head, and the other hand on your abdomen, with your fingertips across your midline-parallel with your waistline- at the level of your belly button.

3.  With your abdominal wall relaxed, gently press your fingertips into your abdomen.

4.  Roll your upper body off the floor into a “crunch,” making sure that your ribcage moves closer to your pelvis.

5.  Move your fingertips back and forth across your midline, feeling for the right and left sides of your rectus abdominis muscle. Test for separation at, above, and below your belly button.

Make sure that you don’t simply pull your head off the mat-a common mistake. To effectively contract your abs, you need to move your ribcage closer to your pelvis. If you don’t adequately activate your abdominal wall, you might assume that you have abdominal separation. But for most, as the ribcage moves closer to the pelvis and the contraction deepens, the width of the gap at your midline will decrease.

Don’t panic if you feel a “hole” in your belly in the first few postpartum weeks. Everyone’s connective tissue at the midline is lax after childbirth. As you recover, your midline will slowly regain its former density and elasticity, and the “hole” will become shallower, and if you do the right exercises, more narrow too.

Signs of Diastasis Recti/Abdominal Separation

A gap of more than 2 1/2 finger-widths when the rectus abdominis is fully contracted.The gap does not shrink as you contract your abdominal wall.You can see a small mound protruding along the length of you midline.

If at any time you see a round, hard, or painful bulge protruding from your belly button area, or along your mid line, consult with your OBGYN

If you have diastasis recti, do not do the abdominal workouts on the regular workout sheets. You must do the diastasis abdominal workout until you have closed the gap. Failure to do this will result in the permanent momma pooch no matter how trim you are.

Week 1 Workouts