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Meal Planning and Meal Prep

The Key to Success doing the FAST ATTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION Program is your nutrition.  Keeping track of Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates along clean, healthy eating is crucial.  Most of the foods that are quick and easy are not the foods we should be eating.  Therefore, Meal Planning and Meal Prep is how you will set yourself up for success.  

You will need to plan your meals ahead of time and even cook them ahead of time to allow less room for error.  This also prevents last minute grabs for a something that you should avoid.

I typically Meal Prep on the weekends.  I usually cook chicken breasts, some quinoa, brown or black rice, and two other protein dishes.  I hard boil eggs, steam some veggies, and pre-package veggies in snack bags.  I will also portion out some nuts and other heatlhy snacks in snack bags ahead of time. 


Tools for Meal Planning and Meal Prep

The blank planner pages are extra pages for you to download and print to help you plan your meals and week ahead of time.  This also helps to know what you need from the store so multiple trips are not needed. 


The Recipe Book contains Recipes with the correlating recommendation on which day to prepare the recipe.  Keep in mind items such a cheese can easily be omitted if you choose.


The Nutrition Guide contains all the documents on this page and everything you need to know about the Nutritional aspect of this program.


A full week of meal planning laid out for you.


Macros Guide contains a list of fruits and vegetables with the nutritional information so you can choose which will work best.  It also contains low carb high fat recommendations and a protein source guide.


A list of recipe/food substitutions.