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  • Customized Nutrition/Fitness Plan- As customized as you can get without having a personal trainer and a personal nutritionist. Based on your current level of fitness and nutrition. Basic and Advanced levels for BOTH the nutrition plan and fitness plan. There are also male and female versions of this program. There is a same household discount for male and female versions of the program in the registration tab.

  • Home and Gym workouts- Customized to your level. No gym membership is necessary. You are given a home version and gym version of workouts each week. 3 sets of dumbbells is all you need for home workouts. There is an option to purchase a TRX Suspension Trainer to give the home workouts more variety, but this is not required.

  • Exercise Library with Demonstrations for all exercises- More than 450 videos for EVERY exercise in the workouts with modifications for every level

  • Comprehensive Guide- When you sign up you will immediately get an overview of the program and the why’s. The reasons why the program is structured the way it is. A good understanding of this will lead to the proper mindset. This is important to LONG term success, and a lifestyle change.

  • Recipe Book- A free recipe book with plenty of recipes and guidance on which days to prepare them for.

  • Nutrition Guide- A detailed guide about what you should and should not be eating. Includes a daily nutrition guide, meal planning examples, meal planning worksheets,and an entire week menu as a guide to get you going in the right direction.

  • 1 week Prep Week- This week is the first week of the program. It is designed to give you all the information that you need to follow the program successfully. You will be giving daily tasks to complete this first week like purging your pantry, making grocery lists, meal planning, taking measurements, etc. I feel that doing this gradually is best so you are fully prepared for day 1 of the fitness and nutrition program.

  • A 6-week daily Nutrition/Fitness Plan

  • Day by Day Guide- Detailed Guide given EACH week. EVERYDAY is mapped out for you paring your nutrition and workouts (home and gym versions).

  • A flexible program- Your days are yours. The schedule is not set in stone. You are given 7 days and you can change them around to fit your schedule!

  • Member's Only Web access- You will be given private access to the Member's Only Portion of the website. This is your home base and is where you will access all of the information, workouts, cheat sheets, and recipe library which is continuously being added to!

  • Community and Accountability- Private closed Facebook group to share your experiences, encourage each other, and a community to keep you on track to accomplish your goal.

  • Motivation and Coaching- Frequent motivation and tips from an experienced physician assistant, fitness nutrition specialist, and trainer.

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