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Megan H.

I have always been an avid runner and exerciser, but hit a plateau and wasn't seeing results even though I was busting my butt! I have learned that it really is about what you eat, when you eat and that overdoing it with workouts actually can be detrimental. I have lost both weight (8 lbs) and multiple inches, while also building lean, toned muscle.

I love that I get very prescriptive guidance on what to eat, when to eat, and customized workouts for each day of the program.   I don't feel deprived (and actually now eat foods that I would have strayed from previously) and love the workouts!

Shana L.

This is not a program requiring you to drink a shake, take a pill, and purchase a product.   When you sign up, Kim gives you a questionnaire to complete.   She then places you in a group based upon your answers.   Each week, she sends you a packet of detailed workouts for you to follow. You do NOT need a gym membership. She provides instruction on how to change your macros goals in My Fitness Pal because these numbers change every day. She provides an at home workout packet and a gym workout packet. She is not providing you with a complete meal plan but she does provide you with examples of foods you should be eating each day. She does give you a list of foods you should be avoiding, period. She places you in a private Facebook group. She asks that you post a screen shot of your daily macros (fat, carbs, protein). This is for her to be able to provide feedback and monitor your macro counts. You are carb cycling, intermittent fasting, actively recovering and above all REFINING YOU!

amy k.

Being a personal trainer and avid runner I always had the workouts under control but there was a missing piece.   Intermittent fasting, carb cycling and considering macros was it for me.

It is all about WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat it and not over doing it with hours of workouts. This program changes your body from being a sugar burner to a fat burner and gives you so much energy!


The six weeks helped me totally refine the way I eat and improve the way I work out. This program has been instrumental and I'm so impressed with the changes I saw early on and continuing until the end.

The highlights for me:

*Having a mentor review what I eat daily and offer encouragement

*Less belly fat already (I was 3 months postpartum so this was a big deal for me!)

*An easy-to-follow DETAILED workout schedule that challenged me in ways I wasn't used to

I have recommended this program to all my friends and coworkers because it truly works!


My experience with Refine YOU has been awesome.   In 4 weeks I have more energy, sleep better and can see a change in my body. My body is leaner and my clothes fit better.   It takes hard work and dedication but is totally worth it!


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