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Does living a healthy lifestyle require you to “go dry” and not consume alcohol? Not necessarily. There are many studies that show that a small amount of certain alcohol consumption can benefit your health. The key things to take from these studies; the kind of alcohol is important, how much you are consuming, and how often.

Another thing to consider, when are you consuming alcohol and what behaviors result from it. Do you go into an alcohol eating binge when you drink?

As with food, portion control is important. It is all about making good choices with the kind of alcohol you choose and the amount. There is no nutritional benefit to alcohol, they are just empty calories you are drinking, and your body doesn’t need it to survive.

My point is, there are some options that are healthier than others. Here are some tips that I follow that might help you “choose wisely.”

Avoid pre-mixed drinks- These can be filled with sugary mixers and who knows what else which is exactly why you should avoid them. You also have no idea how much alcohol was put in the mixture which can lead to trouble.

Here are some Healthier Choices

  1. Vodka Soda- (Not Tonic) my drink of choice with two limes. Soda water has no calories, Vodka averages 96 cals per 1.5oz and this drink has zero sugar

  2. Champagne- Has about 90 cals per glass (120 ml) and only 1.6g carbs

  3. Light Beer- of course light beer has less calories and less carbs than heavier dark beers.

    Bud Select 55- 55 Cals, carbs 1.8g

    MGD 64- 64 Cals, Carbs 2.4g

    Busch Light- 95 Cals, Carbs 3.2g

    Michelob Ultra- 95 Cals, Carbs 2.6g

  4. Spirits- On the rocks or neat. The calories listed are averages. It ultimately depends on what kind you are drinking.

    Gin around 80 cals

    Whiskey around 70 cals

    Tequila around 65 cals

    Light rum around 85 cals

Bottom line, alcohol isn’t healthy for you but if you are going to consume it, there are healthier choices.

Drinking regularly can affect your waistline due to the alcohol you are consuming and the calories that you might eat when drinking. If you have hit a plateau or just can’t get rid of that stubborn belly fat, cutting down on the alcohol consumption will help as well as getting your eating back on track.

If you need guidance check out my online programs by clicking here. I teach clients in my FAT Loss Programs how to eat, exercise, and “have their cake (or alcohol) and eat (drink) it too.” It is all about moderation and not putting severe restrictions on yourself. I would be happy to help you! My clients learn how to work in their “treats” occasionally and still lose weight and get the results they have always wanted but have struggled to achieve.

***Consume alcohol only if you are of legal age (obviously) and don’t drink and operate a vehicle of any type (obviously).