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Recommended Products

I have had many clients ask me about which products and supplements that I recommend.  Nothing is required for the program.  However, I do not mind sharing some of the health and wellness products that I use and enjoy on a day to day basis.

Refine YOU is all about Refining your mind, body and spirit.  Confidence, Energy, Feeling Good, and Feeling in control. 

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the best workouts around, and is one you can bring with you anywhere! If you were to choose one piece of equipment to give you a full body workout for any level, this would be my recommendation.  You can set it up virtually anywhere in less than a minute. You can set it up in your home over a door, from the ceiling, take it with you to a park, or pack it in your bag for a trip .  Work out anywhere and on your own schedule. BURN FAT and BUILD LEAN MUSCLE. With 300+ exercises, the TRX will give you TOTAL BODY results, helping burn unwanted fat and build lean muscle and build a stronger core.

This is not required for the program but an option for more variety in the home workouts.  There is only so much you can do with dumbbells.  If you are planning to do your strength workouts from home, I would encourage you to consider the investment.  It's basically like having an entire gym at your house with one piece of equipment.  You will be given both a TRX exercise and a correlating dumbbell exercise to choose from in the workouts.

Below are 3 different demonstrations of TRX exercises from the Refine YOU YouTube Exercise Library.


Heart Rate Montior

social-media-images_1024x1024 (1).jpg

MYZONE’s new MZ-3 physical activity belt—a Bluetooth enabled, heart-rate based effort tracking device. The MZ-3 provides you with immediate, motivating feedback on all of your physical activity by displaying your exercise progress and history via the free MYZONE app.  There is a watch that you may purchase but this is not needed.  

A heart rate monitor is optional and NOT required for the program.  I have had many clients in the past ask for recommendations on heart rate monitors and this one is accurate, easy to use, compatible with the program, and affordable!  I have also personally used this heart rate monitor for 3 years now! 

If you wear your belt during all exercise activity, it will help you stay on track to get the results you want.  As you have read by now, my program focuses on looking at your heart rate to gauge how hard you are working.  We want you to work hard enough to burn the FAT but not too hard to cause too much stress to your body.  This can increase cortisol, which will in turn, tells your body to store fat and not burn it. 

With MYZONE’s new MZ-3 you are able to:

1.    Set personal goals each month to stay challenged.

2.    Compete with friends on a monthly leaderboard to keep your exercise fun.

3.    View your workouts in MYZONE’s social network.

4.    Encourage friends and stay accountable with those in your network.  

5.    Share your progress with the world via MYZONE’s social media integration.

Unlike wrist worn lifestyle trackers, MYZONE is extremely accurate and inclusive of all exercise efforts. Whether you are doing cardio, group exercise, push-ups, burpees, lifting weights or cycling outdoors, the MZ-3 will give you the fitness credit you deserve.

Enjoy using popular GPS tracking apps such as Strava, or using your own Bluetooth/Ant+ enabled devices, such as the Apple Watch or a Garmin bike computer. The MZ-3 and MYZONE app were built with versatility in mind so your heart rate data can be viewed through these platforms as well.


Normally valued at $149.99 friends of Refine YOU can use our Program Code REFINEUS001 to buy a MZ-3 belt online for the special member price of just $99.99. 

 to buy your MZ-3 today and start seeing your Effort Rewarded!


Make sure you are taking good quality supplements.  Make sure they do not contain fillers, binders, coloring, waxes, etc.  These are products that I use or have used in the past and recommend.  These are not required for my programs.  I am frequently asked my recommendations so here they are...


For my multi-vitamin I enjoy convenience and ease.  It is hard for me to remember to take my supplements daily. The brands I take have packs with all the pills in it that I keep in my car, purse, at my desk at work, etc. so when I remember I have them handy.  Click on the link and go to daily nutrition to see full details on each product and to order.

Arbonne Daily Power Packs for Women

Primal Blueprint Master Formula-see coupon codes below

Omega 3 Supplement

A daily Omega-3 supplement is beneficial in protecting us against cardiovascular and neurological disorders and reduces inflammation in our bodies.  Click on the link to find more product information and to purchase.

Omega-3 Plus

PRN Omega Health

Primal Blueprint Omegas-see coupon codes below


Branch Chain Amino Acids are a supplement that I use during and after my strength workouts.  They help build muscle, prevent muscle breakdown, and aide in muscle recovery after a workout.  I buy mine from Amazon. 

Xtend BCAA's

Pantry Items

There are so very many protein shakes, bars, etc. out there to choose from.  I lean more toward those that do not have artificial ingredients.  Clients in my program get an entire sheet of some of my preferences.  The Primal Blueprint brand is one that is great all across the board.  Click the link to be directed to their site.

Primal Blueprint Pantry Items

Primal Blueprint Coupon Codes

Here are some coupon codes that you can use for the above recommended Primal Blueprint Pantry Items as well as the Primal Blueprint Supplements.  They also have great Protein Bars and Shakes!

GROK15: 15% off site wide* 

*Coupon does not apply to Gold or Platinum Packages, and only applies to first orders in monthly subscriptions. 

FREEPRO: Buy Primal Fuel, get free Primal Probiotics. 

OMEGAS: Buy Damage Control Master Formula, get free Primal Omegas. 

CALMFREE: Buy 2 Primal Calm, get 1 free. 

PROFREE: Buy 2 Primal Probiotics, get 1 free. 

OMEGAS2: Buy 2 Primal Omegas, get 1 free.