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Have you found yourself asking these QUESTIONS?


If you find yourself asking these questions, then Refine YOU has the answer you need to reach your health and fitness goals!


The Refine YOU Program is a customized, unique, online nutrition and fitness program, created for you, that fits your lifestyle. It is an attainable, total transformation…

Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This customized program will guide you with safe, highly effective strategies that lead to fat loss and ultimately to a fit and healthy lifestyle that you can maintain indefinitely. 

The Refine YOU Program utilizes nutrition and fitness techniques to:

  • Maximize Fat Loss

  • Improve your energy

  • Control your hunger

  • Build a strong tone body

  • Become the Healthiest YOU




The Refine YOU Program is Unique and will work for YOU!

  • The Refine YOU program is a complete and total transformation, Mind, Body, and Spirit. The focus is not only on the physical transformation, but also having a healthy mindset and attitude. These 3 things are very important in reaching your goals and will ultimately lead to a long term solution… living a healthy life.

  • The nutrition program is customized for you to fit your lifestyle flexible eating without dependence on products.

  • The workouts are customized to your level. You are provided instructional videos for all exercises with modifications.

  • There is flexibility in your workouts. You can exercise on the days that work for YOU. You choose the time and place that works in your schedule. You can workout at home, at the gym, or continue the classes that you enjoy!

  • The program helps you lean how to make the right choices on your own to allow long term success. This also allows for flexibility with travel, eating out, and enjoying the foods you like.

  • The program will provide you with a community of others on this journey which will be a source of encouragement and support.

  • Refine YOU clients receive individual support and guidance DAILY. This is done to ensure that results are achieved and that it is done safely. Adjustments sometimes need to be made during the program.

  • The Refine YOU program was created AND is run by a practicing physician assistant with 18+ years experience and a degree in health sciences, in addition to being a fitness nutrition specialist with experience in fitness instruction, training, and physical therapy.

  • Customization of the nutrition plan and workouts are provided by the founder of the program taking into account any health problems or injuries you may have. This also includes postpartum women who may have diastasis recti from pregnancy and those who may still be nursing.

  • Refine YOU is an individually owned company without any association with any other business entities or products.

  • Since the program is very customized, Refine YOU does not train coaches to recruit coaches, nor does it utilize others to run the program. The owner, and founder (a well trained health professional) is the ONLY person who runs the program.




The Results Speak for Themselves!




The Refine YOU Program provides a

Customized, Attainable, Total Tranformation.

This program is the answer you need to reach your goals and become the HEALTHIEST YOU POSSIBLE!  

This customized program will work for YOU and your busy lifestyle.

This program is attainable for YOU, and something YOU can continue as a lifestyle change.

The BALANCE The Refine YOU Program Provides:

BALANCE in your workouts-Working out enough to get the results without doing too much to negatively affect your body and causing injury.

BALANCE with your nutrition-A flexible nutrition plan that focuses on clean eating, choosing the right foods that YOU enjoy eating, and foods that will fuel your body appropriately. All this while still being able to eat out, go on vacation, and have some ice cream. You can have your cake and eat it too!

This program and it’s techniques will BALANCE your hormones to improve your energy, boost your metabolism, and decrease your hunger. With The Refine YOU Program you will get stronger, gain muscle, and you will target fat loss, even the stubborn kind. by working smarter, not harder.

Refine YOURSELF in 7 weeks!

7 weeks in your own customized program to Refine YOU with a total transformation,