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"To be honest, at first I was skeptical. I have tried so many things in the past and have spent a lot of money doing so. I have done other programs, bought expensive shakes, and I was hesitant to spend even more money on yet another program.  On the other hand, I was desperate and frustrated. Frustrated in all my hard work and not getting reasonable results. So, I had done a lot of research in different programs before coming to this one. I felt that so many programs out there right now are so absolute in things you can't eat. I wanted something that I could maintain reasonably without the constant guilt every time I ate a non-approved item! I reached out to Kim prior to joining the program with my concerns and questions. She got back to me right away and I felt confidant that she wasn't just someone following a pre-designed program from someone else or a one size fits all program. I signed up, and I am so glad that I did! After filling out a detailed questionnaire, I received my custom nutrition and workout plan. I enjoyed the group interaction and the direct support from Kim through the program. Even though we were not all doing the same plan, we shared recipes, grocery finds, and supported each other. In one round of the program I lost 12 inches, and I feel better than I have in years! I am sleeping better, I have more energy, I am less hungry, and I know that I can go out and have my pizza occasionally without the guilt! This program teaches you how to lose the fat, live a healthy life, and still be able to enjoy foods that might not be the best for you, but that you will still probably eat occasionally anyway. If you are at all wondering if this program will work or if it is worth the cost, take it from me, IT IS!"



"I have been trying various weight loss plans over the years without much success.  I just completed my first 6 weeks of Refine You and am amazed at my results and how easy the program is to follow.  I lost 8 pounds and 8.37" in 6 weeks and I feel great!  I have discovered that in the past I have been working out at too high of an intensity and not eating the right mix of macros to fuel my body.  This way of eating and exercise is not a diet and will be very easy to maintain as a lifestyle.  I am looking forward to my next 6 weeks."



“I loved this whole program but mostly the nutrition portion. For me, this is something I can actually stick with and maintain. It isn’t too restrictive and really thought me how to eat to be able to stay in my macros. I liked how it is customized to the individual and their needs. I loved the carb-cycling because always being low-carb wasn’t working for me. Learning how to keep track of my foods and pairing that with my workouts was great for me. I also learned to not beat myself up for eating off plan here and there. Usually I would beat myself up more and let it turn into a week of bad eating. This created a whole new mindset for me and I have found a way to eat that works for me. This program offers a great way to be held accountable but in a non threatening way. The workouts were great and I love my toned arms! I lost 8 lbs 8.25 inches in 6 weeks!”



“The Refine YOU Program is a total package program that I would do again and again! I love the accessibility to Kimberly (the founder and the one who runs the program). The program really puts you in the right mindset of "progress not perfection." It's not about elimination but modification! I was very happy with my results (losing inches and pounds) and the most important thing, I am no longer pre-diabetic!!!”



“Initially, I will be honest and say that I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t even know what macros were. The great thing about the program is the focus on progress not perfection. Now I know how to eat now even after the program is over because the program teaches you how. I was never hungry, I actually need to eat more (of the right things) to get the results that I wanted. I noticed a change in how my clothes were fitting after one week! I lost 4 lbs and 6 inches in that short amount of time, and I love the way my clothes fit!”



“Refine You is a great program. It combines healthy eating and an active life style to create positive results. I really enjoyed learning about intermittent fasting and implementing it in my life. It is not for everyone, but it worked for me along with hitting my macro goals consistently. The program focuses on progress and if you have a bad day, to not let it derail you completely. I lost 5 lbs and 10 inches with the Refine YOU program. It works!”



I love how much better I feel after doing The Refine YOU Program. I learned that I don't have to starve myself, or not eat certain things, to be healthy! In the program, you learn how to shift your mindset and make healthy lifestyle changes. You have just got to trust the program and the process. Some of it goes against what I always "thought" was the right way to fuel my body. The results come with consistency! I lost 4 lbs 11.5 inches and I can’t wait to continue!


Megan H.

I have always been an avid runner and exerciser, but hit a plateau and wasn't seeing results even though I was busting my butt! I have learned that it really is about what you eat, when you eat and that overdoing it with workouts actually can be detrimental. I have lost both weight (8 lbs) and multiple inches, while also building lean, toned muscle.

I love that I get very prescriptive guidance on what to eat, when to eat, and customized workouts for each day of the program. I don't feel deprived (and actually now eat foods that I would have strayed from previously) and love the workouts!



I was signed up for this program with my wife. She wanted to start making some healthier changes in her life and I joined along so we could do this together and be a good example to our kids. I was a bit skeptical initially because I didn’t want this to be one of those fad diets where you basically can’t eat anything and you have to workout every single day. I was so pleased with the personalized support that you receive from the program creator. She was prompt in answering any questions that I had, and she is very knowledgeable. The program itself was a pleasant surprise as well. The workouts are great and I had the flexibility to do these while traveling for work. The nutrition component is very flexible, reasonable, and doable. I lost 12 lbs and 15 inches in a fairly short amount of time. My wife also had great results from the program and we are excited to continue this! I would recommend this program to anyone, especially couples. It was great to do together!


amy k.

Being a personal trainer and avid runner I always had the workouts under control but there was a missing piece. Intermittent fasting, carb cycling and considering macros was it for me.

It is all about WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat it and not over doing it with hours of workouts. This program changes your body from being a sugar burner to a fat burner and gives you so much energy!


The six weeks helped me totally refine the way I eat and improve the way I work out. This program has been instrumental and I'm so impressed with the changes I saw early on and continuing until the end.

The highlights for me:

  • Having a mentor review what I eat daily and offer encouragement

  • Less belly fat already (I was 3 months postpartum so this was a big deal for me!)

  • An easy-to-follow DETAILED workout schedule that challenged me in ways I wasn't used to

I have recommended this program to all my friends and coworkers because it truly works!

I lost 10 lbs and 1-2 inches off all my waist, chest, and butt measurements.





This has truly been one of the most effective programs I've done thus far! As a fitness instructor I'm always looking for great programs to suggest to my clients that ask me what else they can do besides the working out component!  This program would be one I would recommend to anyone! I was looking to get more lean and hoping to lose those last 5-7 pounds I've been holding onto since my 3rd child! I am on my way to getting there! The results I've seen in the 1st 6 weeks were way more than I expected! I feel better, have more energy and this program is very doable for a busy mom on the go!  I think after another round I may be in better shape than before I had children!  I then hope to maintain this program as a part of my life and not make it about a diet, more of a lifestyle change for me!



“Prior to starting this program, I was participating in barre, Pilates and Shred classes about 5 days a week.  While I enjoyed those workouts, I was excited about trying something new along with a different type of eating plan.  I actually felt that I was eating more on this eating plan, mostly by trying to add more protein to my diet.  I could tell within 2 weeks that the program was working.  My clothes were fitting better and friends were telling me that I looked skinnier and more toned. The workouts were very clear and easy to follow and the nutirtion worked well for me.  Using "my fitness pal" to track my food was very simple and much more helpful then I expected.  I could see where my percentages were as the day went on and eat accordingly.  I really enjoyed the program, got great results, and plan to continue with it.”



I loved receiving a customized program for my needs and goals. Learning about carb-cycling and macros was key to losing those last stubborn inches. It was also great to learn what you're eating and putting into your body. I now have a better understanding of food and how it fuels/impacts your body. The Refine YOU Program is a lifestyle changing program that holds you accountable to learning how to best fuel your body for the workouts that you do. This is so you can be more effective with the foods you eat. It is an attainable and sustainable program that is easy to continue on your own.



I had reached an all time high on weight and needed to do something. This program worked from the start for me. Lost 23 lbs and 2 pant sizes in 7 weeks. All the resources Kim provided and the daily feedback on macros were great. I was not hungry as there were many good recipes and ways to plan meals for each week. The workouts were a nice complement to the plan and generally took 30 minutes of less. The program didn’t tell me what to eat but taught me how to use foods/meals I liked to be able to meet the carb/protein/fat goals for the day. Since finishing the program I am still continuing with it and still losing weight!


Katie D.

All my life, I have worked out regularly and eaten pretty "healthy". However, I noticed after having my last kid (and I am getting older), I hadn't been able to lose the weight and was feeling like no amount of running and watching what I was eating was helping. I started following the Refine You Facebook page and took a few months before I finally joined the program.

During the 6 weeks, I lost 12 inches and almost 7 pounds. For me the difference was understanding how to dial in the nutrition, having the variety and flexibility of workouts, being inspired to figure out new meal options, meal planning, and getting ideas from the group. I also loved the support and accountability that came with the program.



I would highly recommend the Refine YOU Loss Program. I had amazing results in just 7 weeks. I dropped 9 pounds and 17 inches. The program was easy to follow and the workouts varied so I didn't get bored. I felt myself getting stronger every week. Kim was so knowledgeable and supportive. She had so many great resources to help you stay on track and be successful." Update 1 week after completing the program: "I feel great. I am still doing the program. I lost 2.4 this week!!  So I'm down 11.6 total."

Shana L.

This is not a program requiring you to drink a shake, take a pill, and purchase a product.   When you sign up, Kim gives you a questionnaire to complete.   She then places you in a group based upon your answers.   Each week, she sends you a packet of detailed workouts for you to follow. You do NOT need a gym membership. She provides instruction on how to change your macros goals in My Fitness Pal because these numbers change every day. She provides an at home workout packet and a gym workout packet. She is not providing you with a complete meal plan but she does provide you with examples of foods you should be eating each day. She does give you a list of foods you should be avoiding, period. She provides feedback and monitors your macro counts. You are carb cycling, intermittent fasting, actively recovering and above all REFINING YOU!


My experience with Refine YOU has been awesome.   In 4 weeks I have more energy, sleep better and can see a change in my body. My body is leaner and my clothes fit better.   It takes hard work and dedication but is totally worth it!

I wanted to be in better shape for my daughter's wedding on June 10th. I've lost 8 lbs., 3 inches in my waist, and 1-2 inches in my arms and legs! I'm so proud of my accomplishments and will continue this lifestyle.

Spots are limited for the next program!