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One mistake people make with their New Year's resolutions in regards to losing weight or exercise is doing too much all at once. Sometimes just little changes gradually will give you a better chance for success in the long run. Even though my programs produce amazing results you do have to commit and have the right mindset. You may not be ready for an entire program. If you are already frustrated or overwhelmed, join my daily minute fitness challenge!
☝️1 minute or less every day! THAT'S IT!

Each week the exercise will change and target a different muscle group with beginner-advanced levels. 
Join me on Instagram and Facebook in my stories every day for the next 8 weeks for a less than one minute daily fitness challenge. Set the alarm on your phone and join us in taking these small steps toward a stronger and healthier YOU!

Week 2 Exercise targets those legs. Holding a Squat for One Minute, or as long as you can

The video demonstrates a squat hold with a pulse (advanced) and you do not need to use a weight.

For Beginner version put your back against the wall and (keeping your back flat against the wall) squat down a little bit. For an intermediate version just squat down further. For videos demonstrating these techniques visit my Instagram Highlights.