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Each week I have been setting a goal for myself to achieve. Something small, big, or somewhere in between. Last week my goal was to improve my water consumption. This week's goal was to get out of my comfort zone a bit.

I encourage you to do the same. It is very fulfilling to set something and crush it! These goals you set for yourself don’t have to be huge.
No matter what your goal may be it should be...

💙Written Down

💚Specific and/or measurable

💜Have a deadline



Instead of saying, "I want to lose weight" or "I am going to eat healthy" set a realistic and specific goal with a deadline. "I want to lose one pound per week for 4 weeks" or "I am going to eat a serving of vegetables for every lunch and dinner for a week."

Setting goals like this, as small as they may be, and achieving them routinely will give your attitude and spirit a boost and will leave you wanting more! Never stop improving yourself and setting goals! There is always room for improvement, no one is perfect!

When it comes to weight loss, I find that people most often it is an all or nothing mentality. A severely restrictive plan to achieve a very aggressive goal. It is very frustrating fail each and every time. No wonder people give up on themselves. The key is finding the right balance. Setting smaller attainable goals frequently. As you meet each goal you set a new one. Finding a program that is not severely restrictive and allows you to gradually work this into your life as a lifestyle, not a quick fix (all or nothing) program.

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