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 Welcome to The Refine YOU Program Portal

Welcome, and Thank you for choosing this program to “Refine YOU!”  I am excited that you have made the decision to invest in yourself and make the journey into the healthiest YOU possible!

This site contains all the information that you will need for The Refine YOU Program. Please watch this video to learn how to navigate this site.


All the information you need for the program is here for you to access anywhere, and anytime. Please take the time to go through this website step-by-step. This is your responsibility and the key to your success. This will ensure that you are kept up to speed and will prevent any frustration and confusion.

I registered, what do I do now?

Step 1

You have taken the first and most important step, you registered for The Refine YOU Program and have chosen to take control of your health and get yourself on track, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

In your confirmation of payment, you were sent via email attachment The Refine YOU Program Guide. Please start reviewing this guide that will give you a general idea of how the program will work. I promise, you will be given more specifics later. You may also access the guide by clicking the button below.

I feel that it is important for you to have a good understanding on WHY we are using these techniques. This will help you maintain a good mindset during the program.

Step 2

Please sign the waiver that you were sent to sign after registering for the program. If you did not receive the waiver via email, first check your junk mail. If you are still unable to locate the waiver in your email inbox, please email me and let me know at

Step 3

If you are on social media, be sure to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram! I share recipes frequently and give guidance on when is best to prepare them. I typically post them on social media FIRST, then add them to the recipe library.

Step 4

Fill out the client assessment form. Just click on the link provided below and it will take you to the form. This client assessment form is a way for me to get to know you, your current lifestyle, and your goals as a client. This will allow me to customize your nutrition program and your fitness program to meet your needs. Before doing this program to ensure you are safe to do so, you will need to be cleared by your physician.

This assessment will take about 5-10 minutes. Please answer all the questions as accurately as you can. All information given to me is confidential. If you are a returning client, you do not need to fill this out again but I do recommend taking measurements and pictures again.

***Note- When you are completing the assessment, please use the TAB BUTTON to move forward to the next question.

After you complete the client assessment, I will be emailing you suggestions on which plan for you to begin. You will not be able to move forward until you complete the client assessment.

You will be given one of these workout levels to start:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Men’s Advanced

You will be given one of these nutrition plans to follow intially:

  • Custom Macros

  • Low Carb Plan

  • Carb-Cycling Plan

These plans are not set in stone! If you feel that either the nutrition plan or fitness plan is too easy or difficult for you, please contact me directly and we can adjust from there. Also, you may start at a more simplified level and gradually advance during the program. Slow and steady wins the race. I typically prefer to start my clients out slow to ensure they are comfortable to prevent any frustration. Once you are consistent we can advance your level. Again, just contact me directly when you feel you are ready.

Step 5

Download the My Fitness Pal App to your phone or create an account on the desktop version at

Watch the video below for these first few steps on how to set up your profile and obtain your calorie goal. This is only the starting point and not the whole program. We will NOT be counting calories. We will be paying attention to getting enough calories and what makes up these calories (carbs, fats, and protien). But, to do this, we must have a starting point… a calorie goal.

***If you are breastfeeding, your My fitness pal settings will be different than the video. You need to select 0.5 lb per week weight loss and active for your activity level in the settings.  This will make sense when you watch the video. This bumps up the calories to make up for breastfeeding and to be sure we don't decrease your supply. 

You will be submitting this calorie goal to me later during prep week. My Fitness Pal uses a formula to calculate this calorie goal. This formula is the most common used by dietitians and nutritionists. This is a guide and is not set in stone. This calorie goal may seem too high or too low and we might need to change this. If you have any concerns about this goal, please contact me via email.


Step 6

Check out my recommended products page. All of these things are OPTIONAL and are not required for the program. I get a lot of questions regarding these types of products and which items I prefer and use. These items include supplements, fitness products, food products, and more. Again, they are not required to be successful in the program. These products may be helpful for you at some point and might be talked about on the group support page. Checking these items out ahead of time will keep you in the loop.

Step 7

high five Ig.png

You will be sent an email with a link to join the PRIVATE Facebook page for your group. Please keep an eye out for this email. If you have not received this by the start of Prep Week, please let me know (don’t forget to check your spam folder).

This email will contain a link. You will need to click on this link and request to join this Facebook page. I will then approve you for the Private Facebook Page.

You are NOT required to be on Facebook for this program.

This private Facebook page is another source for you to go to with all the materials for the program. It is also a great way to meet others, support each other, share recipes, share grocery finds, and share tips. This page can also help you stay accountable during The Refine YOU Program.

If you choose to not be a part of the Facebook Page, please email me your questions and your daily nutrition.

Step 8

You are now ready for Prep Week!

Prep Week is designed for you to gradually go through The Refine YOU Program information. I feel that this is beneficial for you to have enough time to prepare and ask questions before the start of the program. This is to ensure that you are ready and in the right mindset for a more smooth transition into the actual fitness and nutrition program.

Click below to begin Prep Week!