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To be successful in obtaining and maintaining a healthy body composition it may surprise you but…

It is NOT burning as many calories as possible with your workouts!

It IS 80% nutrition and only 20% exercise, sleep, stress, and other factors.

Getting on the elliptical for a long period of time or going running every day and the chronic cardio is not the KEY to fat loss.

The KEY to FAT loss is nutrition and what you are eating and drinking.

To have a good body composition we want less fat and more lean muscle.   Muscle weighs more than fat.  You have probably heard that before.  Looking at the scale and losing weight should not be the focus, losing FAT should be.

Just cutting calories isn’t doing to do it either.  Don’t get me wrong… calorie deficits will help you lose WEIGHT initially but will not give you lasting FAT loss and lean muscle gain.  To Improve our body composition, we need to improve the composition of what we eat NOT just counting calories!

You need to pay attention to the percentage of FAT, PROTEIN and CARBOHYDRATES you are eating to maximize fat loss, gain muscle, and to maintain a healthy body composition.

In my program, I give my clients guidelines on what they should be eating each day and what workouts they should be doing.  But how do we implement this in our crazy busy lives? 

We are ALL busy.  There is always an excuse… Trust me, I understand about being busy.  I have a full-time job, have a 5 and a 7-year-old, and I am running a company.  I still make time to exercise 4-5 times a week AND prepare healthy meals for me and my family.  It is a choice.  A choice that I make and that you can make.  A choice to work it into your schedule and to do what is best for you!  HOW???

Meal Planning and Meal Prep!

So here are a few tips on Meal Planning and Meal Prep.

Each Week on Saturday or Sunday I plan ahead the next week’s meals. 

My meal planning for the week typically looks like this:

I typically cook up 4-8 chicken breasts for the week to put in salads and reheat for dinners.  I also will prepare 2 protein dishes.  This week I made a chicken breast skillet with peppers, onions, brussel sprouts and seasonings (cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper) and I made a spaghetti squash casserole. 

For sides, I usually steam some veggies and make a higher carb side for high carb days.  This week I steamed some peas to reheat and made some wild rice and black rice. 

For snacks, I hard boil some eggs and put in sandwich bags pre-measured carrots and nuts for snacks for lower carb days.  I will do some blackberries, blueberries, and apples for snacks for higher carb days.

This takes about 2 hours with prep and clean up.

Then every night before I go to bed I pack my lunch for the next day along with snacks.    

If you have time, then cooking same day is just fine.  You never know what will pop up and I find that most people just end up getting pretty busy with work, kids, and just life in general so doing this ahead of time just sets you up for success.

I mentioned previously, a diet only focusing on only cutting calories is not the way to go and that you must eat the correct composition of fats, protein, and carbohydrates to target and maintain fat loss.

Additionally, if you feel like you are constantly depriving yourself you will not stick to a meal plan as a lifestyle change because you can never have what you want.  It is just a quick fix… but in the long run you may gain it back plus more.

My FAT Loss Program The FAST, ATTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION is a 7 week online program that focuses on a technique called carb cycling.  This means we pay attention to the carbs, fats, and protein we are eating.  Some days are higher in carbs and lower in fat.  Other days are lower in carbs and higher in fat.  This allows the flexibility to treat yourself occasionally, and STILL get results.  My clients pair these days of higher and lower carb intake with their workouts to be more strategic and target stubborn fat.   Each week they receive a home and gym version of their workouts tailored to their level along with a daily guide on how to eat on those days.  There are male/female versions of the nutrition and workouts as well. 

My clients come from all walks of life.  Men and women.  Those who have a lot to lose and are not working out at all and those who work out all the time who just can’t get rid of those last 5-10 lbs.  I have also had clients that don’t have anything to lose and do my program for hormone regulation.  Those who follow the program have amazing results.  They lose that stubborn fat and lose the inches.  They are getting stronger and building lean muscle.  They are less hungry and have more energy by regulating their hormones.  They are gaining control of their health and well-being.    They are refining their mind, body, and spirit.  It truly is a game changer!! 

The first week is prep week which is worked into the program.  I do this to allow you to have time to learn what you will be doing.  You have plenty of time to prepare and ask questions for the 6-week nutrition and fitness portion of the program.

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