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One Minute Daily Fitness Challenge Week 3

One Minute Daily Fitness Challenge Week 3

Join me on Instagram and Facebook in my stories every day for the next 6 weeks for a less than one minute daily fitness challenge. Set the alarm on your phone and join us in taking these small steps toward a stronger and healthier YOU!
This exercise challenge will be different every week and target different areas of the body. You will be given modifications for ALL levels (beginner-advanced) and some change ups for the more advanced in my stories! 

The first week was Push-Ups and last week we did a one minute squat hold. The week we’re changing it up to a one minute plank!
Join me in my stories every day and do a plank for one minute. ☝️

The video Demonstrates a few versions of the plank. The advanced version is on your hands/elbows and feet. You may put your knees down for the intermediate version. For Beginners you can put your hands or elbows on a bench or chair and hold the plank.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween Treats

My favorite season is among us! I just love the fall! The cool crisp air, all vibrant colors in nature, fall festivals, pumpkin patches and the excitement and giggles of my children dressing up for Halloween. One thing that I am not such a fan of… all that sugar! I know, I know, it’s Halloween and what’s Halloween without trick or treating and the candy! Well if your house is anything like ours, we get enough candy to last us for months!  

I visited some of my favorite blogs to compile a few choices that bring on the FUN but don't bring on the refined sugar for your next Halloween party that you host or attend.

Check out this super easy, fun idea from Sparkles to Sprinkles! This would be a great school snack for Halloween or a party!

This is not a snack to leave sitting out for a long period of time but is quick, easy and healthy with bananas and dark chocolate chips from Spaceships and Laser Beams. Also check out the clementine pumpkins that only require a clementine and celery stalk!

Popcorn Witch Hands from Toni Spilsbury are great for co-workers and kiddos! Fill a non-latex glove with something to represent the nails (think candy corn, nuts, almonds, raisins. etc.) and fill with popcorn! Throw on a spider ring or other Halloween ring and you’re set! 

Head to one of my favorite stores to stock up on healthy finds, Costco, and pick up some mandarin orange cups to make these fun Jack o' Lantern Mandarin Oranges. All you need is a Sharpie to draw any Halloween character including bats, witch hats, Frankenstein or the word “boo.”  

This will surely be a hit! Pineapple on bottom, then mandarin oranges add some full-fat whipped cream, and… maybe one or two pieces of candy corn on top.

These are perfect for a weeknight meal as well and are festive! Simply grab you favorite stuffed pepper recipe and just cut a jack o' lantern into the pepper!

Replace the ole’ boring veggie tray with a pumpkin themed veggie tray.  

How cute are these Apple Mummies from Two Healthy Kitchens?! I suggest using Honeycrisp apples as they tend to not brown as quickly when peeled!

If you have any other great festive, healthy Halloween treats please comment below and share! And in case you're heading to Costco to pick any of these supplies in bulk, check out my blog where I outlined some of my favorite healthy finds that you can pick up too!

As I always say to my clients, moderation is key! Don't deprive yourself of your favorite treat this Halloween, but instead find a way to incorporate it with your diet and exercise to enjoy guilt free.

Have a happy, healthy and safe Halloween!


Fat Vs Muscle


Fat Vs Muscle

Hey gang!
Do you struggle with the scale? Are you constantly weighing yourself and getting frustrated? You are NOT alone in this battle.  You need to know about fat vs. muscle!

Fat vs Muscle!
In the pic, both of these "people" are the same height and weigh the exact same. The person with more muscle and less fat is visably smaller than the other even though the number on the scale is the exact same. This is because FAT takes up more space than muscle so if you have more FAT you will look... larger. Also, fat is less dense so the more fat you have the more "loose" your body appears.
More lean muscle supports bone health, burns more calories at rest, as well as helping you look fit and toned.
Muscle does not build by itself. You will not build much muscle by running an hour everyday. Nor do you gain muscle by severly cutting your caloires. Your muscles need a certain amount of protein and carbs to grow. To help you body build lean muscle, your nutrition and your activity should support this, not hinder it.

When participating in a program, do not set yourself up for failure by using a body weight scale as the only method to track your progress. 
Remember, the number on the scale may not budge, or it may go up, but the way you FEEL combined with results of other measurements can show that you are succeeding in so many ways! If the scale is not budging, especially in my program, you are most likely gaining muscle, losing fat, losing inches, and fitting into your clothes better. During my program, I encourage my cleints to NOT weigh themselves and despite this I always have a few that do.  Then, they contact me frustrated that they are not losing weight. I reinforce to them the imprtance of not weighing themselves and the importance of losing the inches and not focusing on the scale.  At the end of the progrram the measurements are in. They are amazed at dropping 13+ inches to up to over 20 inches and only losing less than 10 lbs!

What matters most? The scale? OR dropping sizes in your clothing, feeling more energized, sleeping better, improving your sex life, lowering your blood pressure/cholesterol, bettering your overall health, etc.?  It might be difficult to break up with the scale and rely on other methods, but once you do, it is totally worth it!

Do not let the scale or unrealistic expectations rule your life and pull you away from reality! You are more than the number on the scale. You are more than a picture of somone else that you think you should look like. Your mind, body, and spirit deserves more! Once you step away from the scale and focus on what matters... the way you feel, you will gain control and a sense of satifaction.  The most important transformation that takes place is the transformation that is not visual but the one that happens in your mind and spirit. 

If any of this seems impossible for you to do on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone in this struggle.  Get your family involved or a friend. Enlist the help of a health professional, like myself, with a program for you to follow and tools to guide you to success. Having someone there for guidance and having support from others who are in this journey with you, a "tribe," is a game changer. This is the primary reason my online fat loss programs go in "rounds." Every 6-7 weeks a new program starts and everyone, even though you are all at different levels, goes through it together. We share recipes, celebrate each other's wins, and lift each other up when we are down.

With any program or change, take it all in and learn from your wins AND failures. Remember, to achieve long term results, it is important to approach a new program with a good mindset and with a positive attitude. After all, this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix.

My company, Refine YOU's FAT Loss Program, The Fast Attainable Transformation, is a jump start to a lifestyle change. It is a 7 week online program that is customized to your level. We incorporate cutting edge nutritional strategies along with effective workouts to lose fat, gain muscle, regulate hormones, and improve your hunger and energy levels.  To learn more about the program, hear from some of my clients, or to contact me click here. I would love to help you on your journey gain control and live a healthy lifestyle.


Staying on Track during the Holidays

Staying on Track during the Holidays

Stay on track through the holiday season.  Learn how to enjoy yourself with holiday treats and still improve your body composition.