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The summer heat can be killer (Literally and figuratively)!

With heat indexes getting into the 100's, you should know how to stay safe when exercising in the heat. This also pertains to those of you who enjoy heated classes!

First, if you can avoid it, do it. If you need to hit a class, do a workout at home in your house, or go to the gym, that is the best option. Avoid the dangerous heat. Also, if you are not used to exercising or being active in the heat, then you will be at higher risk for heat induced illness. You should be acclimated to the heat. If you would like to start going to heated classes, your body needs time to adjust to this.

If you do need to do it outdoors (if you are training and don't have access to a treadmill)…

Here are some tips to prevent heat related illness…

1-Do your workout early in the morning, before the sun comes up if possible. You might lose some sleep bu Temps will much lower.

2-Wear loose fitting, lightweight clothing

3-Wear sunblock! Sunburn affects your body's ability to cool itself

4-Drink plenty of fluids, at least twice what you normally drink in normal temperatures

5- If you are training, you should adjust your pace and expectations when training in hotter conditions. You will not feel the same and you will not have the same energy levels that you do in normal weather conditions.

Be sure to take these precautions doing workouts in the heat, Indoors OR Outdoors!

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