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Minute Daily Fitness Challenge Week 4

Minute Daily Fitness Challenge Week 4

Time to tighten those laces 👟 for this week's one minute exercise challenge! This week we are going to do a full body exercise and the advanced version has some plyometrics for an added benefit! 
I have a love/hate relationship with burpees. They are great for you but let's face it, they're not easy. If you don't know what a burpee is...just check out the video demos. Good thing there are plenty of ways to modify them to your level. Do your best. If you can't make it one minute, stop when you need to. Hopefully by the end of the week you'll be able to hit one minute! If you hit one minute and you feel good, you're not working hard enough so bump it up to the next level up.
If you're just tuning in, I am doing daily 1️⃣ minute exercise challenges. The exercise differs each week and targets a different muscle group. 💪🏻💥
Follow along in my Instagram and Facebook stories and join me on this journey to a stronger YOU!

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One Minute Daily Fitness Challenge Week 1

One Minute Daily Fitness Challenge Week 1

Looking for a New Year's Challenge you can stick with? 
How about a fitness challenge that takes no more than one minute?!
Join me on Instagram and Facebook in my stories every day for the next 8 weeks for a less than one minute daily fitness challenge. Set the alarm on your phone and join us in taking these small steps toward a stronger and healthier YOU!
This exercise challenge will be different every week and target different areas of the body. You will be given modifications for ALL levels (beginner-advanced) and some change ups for the more advanced in my stories! 
Week 1
PUSH-UP's one set to failure
This means do as many as you can until you can't do any more. 
Swipe for video demos for 4 different variations.
If you can do more than 20 push ups easily doing an easier version you should do the next level up and do less. 

Push Ups (Advanced), Push-ups on Knees (Intermediate)

Wall Push-Ups/Incline Push-Ups (Beginner)

Importance of Recovery

Importance of Recovery

When weekend is packed with activities and things to do, any time of year or when you are on vacation, it is a great time to give yourself some recovery days. Sleep in a bit and take a break from working out every now and then.

Would it surprise you to know that in The Refine YOU Program, I make sure that clients are getting enough rest? Some of my clients are often surprised that they are exercising LESS while in my program and they are getting better results!

Here's why...
📌Rest prevents Injury
📌Muscle Recovery- When you lift weight you are basically tearing muscle fibers and you body needs time for them to repair and this allows your muscle to grow
📌Rest helps you sleep better
📌Rest helps you burn FAT- If you do not allow your body enough rest and recovery your immune system can get too stressed out which will make you STORE fat and not burn it.

So don't feel bad about not getting to the gym every single day and enjoy the rest and recovery!

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Jump Rope Workouts

Jump Rope Workouts

Looking for a great cardio workout that can be done anywhere?

Don’t forget about your good ol’ fashioned jump rope!

Jumping rope is a full body workout involving your legs, core, and arms. A jump rope can easily be packed into a bag when traveling and can be done indoors or outdoors. If it’s raining do it in your garage or in your hotel room. If it’s nice outside, enjoy the weather by going to the beach/park with a nice view or just do it in your driveway. Working in jumping rope instead of running can also prevent overuse injuries.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is far more beneficial for you than steady state cardio. It burns more fat, promotes muscle gain, gives your metabolism a boost, and enables you to burn more calories at rest.

If you combine jumping rope with some high intesnity intervals you get a huge bang for your effort!

Check out these Jump Rope Workouts and work these into your rotation


  • Download a timer app like “Seconds” on your phone. You can set intervals so you do not have to watch a clock or stopwatch.

  • I have provided workouts for every level, please note the modifications

  • For some of the exercises there is a link to go to my YouTube channel for how to videos for these exercises. Don’t forget to “subscribe” to my channel. I have over 400 exercises on my channel as well as other helpful videos!

Beginner Workout

30 seconds jumping as fast as you can (at your level) followed by

30-60 seconds rest (march in place, or light jog in place)

Repeat this 7-10 times depending on your level

Mix it up Jump Rope Workout (Intermediate to Advanced)

*to modify this workout to a more beginner level simply put in rest or marching in place instead of the double jumps

30 sec jump as fast as you can

30 sec double jumps (bounce twice between each rope revolution)

30 sec jump side to side

30 sec forward and back

30 sec double jumps (bounce twice between each rope revolution)

30 sec jump rope high knees

30 sec jump rope butt kickers

30 sec double jumps (bounce twice between each rope revolution)

30 sec on R leg only

30 sec on L leg only

30-60 sec double jumps (bounce twice between each rope revolution) or Rest

Do this 3-5 times through

Full Body Jump Rope workout (Intermediate-Advanced)

*for Beginner Modification add in 30 sec rest periods as needed

30 sec Jump as fast as you can

30 sec Plank

30 sec Jump Rope High knees

30 sec Push ups

30 sec Jump Rope side to side

30 sec Squats or Jump Squats

30 sec Jump Rope on R leg

30 sec Reverse Lunges or Jumping Lunges

30 sec Jump Rope on L Leg

30 sec Tricep Push Ups

30-60 sec double jumps (bounce twice between each rope revolution) OR Rest Marching in place

Do this 3-5 Times through

Happy Jumping!

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