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Review of Peloton Digital


Review of Peloton Digital

Review of Peloton Digital and my Peloton Journey

Being someone who is experienced in the world of fitness and nutrition has its advantages and disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is being super picky when it comes to classes and instructors. It can be very difficult for me to find classes that I enjoy taking that make it worth the effort to get out of the house and drive to a gym.

In addition to being high maintenance when it comes to classes (yes I admit it), being a busy working mom also makes it difficult to find the time to drive to a gym. I am a mom of 2 kids, a wife (who’s husband travels a lot for work), a full time physician assistant, and I created and run Refine YOU (an online fitness and nutrition company). I just don’t have a lot of extra time in my schedule to get to a class which can add up to an hour of extra driving, depending on which class I choose to attend.

Enter Peloton.

After trying a few other workout apps, I found out about Peloton Digital. Initially, I really had no idea that you could enjoy on demand and live classes of all types WITHOUT the bike. I ended up purchasing an old rusty spin bike from a local gym and started using the Peloton Digital App with this bike. Even though the bike was not the best, I truly enjoyed all the classes on the App. Being the picky person that I am, I was surprised that I liked most of the instructors and classes I was taking. I liked the fact that there is such a huge variety of class length, music selection, and difficulty levels. Meditation, yoga, strength, boot camp, outdoor running, cycling, stretching, and more. With everything I try, I find something new that I enjoy! In addition to the cycling classes, I enjoy the boot camp (part treadmill and part strength) classes, outdoor running, and strength classes. I even do the meditation in the evenings right before bed. I have found that it improves my sleep.

With the Peoton Digital App, you can first choose your class by type (cycling, running outdoors, treadmill, etc.), then you can filter the classes by length, class type (intervals, rhythm, theme classes, etc.), instructor (you will find your favorites as you take classes), music genre, and you can sort these results (by difficulty level, top rated, trending, etc.). This allows you to find a class you are in the mood for and will enjoy!

One of the great things about Peloton is that you are a part of a HUGE community! You don’t have to be in the studio to feel like you are a part of the Peloton family. In the Peloton App you can make friends, see them in classes with you and compete with them. On social media, there are group pages, challenges, and similar interest groups you can also be a part of. If you need accountability, there are Peloton Challenges which are set group challenges of taking certain classes to keep you accountable and push your performance.

However, if you do not have the bike or the treadmill, there are some things that you are missing out on. You do not have the connectivity with the bike or treadmill to the class that you are taking. This connectivity allows you to see your pace, resistance, and how hard you are working. The bike and treadmill gives you the leader board. This is what connects you to everyone who is taking the class with you (or who has taken it in the past). You can see where you rank with your effort in comparison to others. This connectivity allows you to compete with others or compete against yourself which keep you focused on your workout, and pushes you to improve.

I tried the Peloton bike for some rides and really enjoyed the bike and the connectivity to the leader board. I found that the bike compared to the Keiser M3i spin bike that I had be using at the gym. It was time.


For my 200th ride and 250th workout with Peloton Digital, I scheduled a time in my local Peloton showroom to take my 200th class on a Peloton bike in the store to celebrate. (You can schedule times to take a class on the treadmill or the bike in a showroom near you to try the actual product before buying) I was greeted in the store with open arms and balloons for my 200th ride and was given chocolate covered strawberries after my ride. What a great experience! To top that off, I purchased my bike that day!


I can’t wait for the bike to be delivered and to start taking classes on my own bike. I will keep you posted on the delivery process and how it goes after the first few months on my bike!

If you are part of the Peloton Family, feel free to follow me on the app (RefineYouLetzGo)! If you need help with nutrition to get the best bang for your effort, check out The Refine YOU Program. We would love to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

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