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How to choose the best protein shake...


How to choose the best protein shake...

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How to choose the right protein powder or shake

Well, first.. you need to like it. It shouldn't be one of those things that you are forcing yourself to drink while plugging your nose. Everyone has different tastes so you need to find one that you enjoy.

Protein shakes come in 2 forms

Shakes come in powder form and an already prepared shake. Buying protein powder takes more work to prepare, but it gives you more options. You can use protein powder in making baked goods, self made protein bars, smoothies, or just mixing with water to drink. Having an already prepared shake is easier and more convenient. I like to have both on hand for ease and variety.

Protein supplements come from a variety of different sources.

Whey Protein-most common, contains lactose, contains all 9 amino acids

Soy Protein- very common, can be beneficial to women in menopause and can help with osteoporosis

Egg Protein

Milk Protein

Rice Protein- 100 percent plant based (good for vegetarians)

Pea Protein

Hemp Protein-100 percent plant based, good source of omega 3 fatty acids

Some protein powders will have only one source of protein while others may combine 2-3 different sources. If you have allergies and if you are avoiding diary, or are a vegetarian, you should be mindful and read the label.

Tips when considering a protein powder or shake

1. Are you trying to avoid diary or gluten? If so, look at the ingredients! It may contain dairy based protein like whey and milk protein. If you are avoiding gluten look for these ingredients on the label.

2. The different protein sources have their own taste. Whey based protein will have a distinct taste, as will plant based etc. If you have tried a couple of different shakes of one type of protein and you don't like it, try a different source altogether.

3. Look at the macro nutrients! (Fats, carbs, and protein) If you are a diabetic or following a low-carb diet, be mindful of the carbohydrate and sugar content. If you have kidney disease, choose one that is lower in protein.

4. When you are looking for a new shake or powder, visit your local health food store. These stores typically have individual bottles or packets to purchase. Once you find ones you like, you can then order in bulk so it is less expensive.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to drink a shake instead of having a meal for the rest of their life. That would get boring and expensive. I don’t recommend that my clients depend on protein shakes as a replacement for an actual meal, but as a supplement (addition). They can come in handy when you are needing a snack, have craving for something sweet, or would like a boost of protein in your smoothie, baked goods, or in overnight oats. There are plenty of ways to use protein powder or shakes to supplement your nutrition but I recommend sticking to food for all your nutritional needs as much as you can.

If you need help with a nutrition plan customized to your needs and goals, check out The Refine YOU Program to get the best bang for your effort!


Salmon Health Benefits

Salmon Health Benefits

Salmon can be so easy to make and is one of my favorite dinner go to’s. I always keep some frozen salmon filets in the freezer for a quick, easy, healthy dinner.

Salmon has many health benefits:
✔️Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
✔️Great source of Protein
✔️High in B vitamins, Potassium, and antioxidants
✔️Good for cardiovascular health and thyroid function
✔️Improves brain function and cognition

Choose high quality salmon. When looking for salmon, you want to stick to the wild-caught varieties. These can be coho salmon, sockeye salmon, or king salmon. Sockeye has a stronger flavor and is the leanest. King salmon is the most expensive and is thicker and more rich tasting. Avoid the farm raised fatty Atlantic salmon. These are often fed an artificial diet and are lower in nutrients. It is better to buy frozen wild caught salmon than fresh farmed salmon.

Working salmon in your rotation is a win, win! It's delicious and good for your health!
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