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The Refine YOU Program Home Page


Welcome, and Thank you for choosing this program to “Refine YOU!”  I am excited that you have made the decision to invest in yourself and make the journey into a healthier, happier you!

This site contains all the information that you will need and will walk you through The Refine YOU Program.  Please follow the steps below. These will take you through the items need prior to the start of the program in the proper order and then guide you through the program by week.

You will first begin with the Welcome Page, proceed to the Prep Week Page, then you will proceed through the program week by week.

The Welcome Page- The First Page To Complete

You have signed up, now its time to get acquainted with the program and to get your customized fitness and nutrition plans.

The first step in the program is to complete The Welcome Page. This page will walk you through these beginning steps.

After you complete this Welcome Page you can proceed to the Prep Week Page. The first day of the program is the first day of prep week. If you would like to work ahead and get started right away, feel free to start prep week on your own. You may also chose to wait, and participate in prep week with the rest of the group.

Click here to go to the Welcome Page

Prep Week -Second Page to Complete

The first day of the Program is the first day of Prep Week.
Prep Week is not the start of the actual fitness and nutrition program. This will begin 7 days from the first day of prep week. Prep week is worked into the program for you to gradually review all the information given to you. You have a whole week to prepare for the start of the program so please take advantage of this week.

I feel that it is beneficial for you to have enough time prepare, review the workouts, get grocery lists ready, and get meals prepped for your first week.  This will allow for a more smooth transition and, more importantly, the right mindset.  The more preparation you do prior to the start of the program, the more seamless this transition will be. This will also allows more time to have your questions answered, if any arise.

***NOTE- if you have not completed all the tasks on the welcome page, please go back and complete these. If you do not do these tasks first, you will not have the information needed for prep week.

Click Here to go to the Prep Week Page

Weekly Pages, Guides, and Libraries

Now that you have done all the preparation for the program it is time to start! Your “Day 1” of the program will begin the week after prep week and can start on either Sunday or Monday (depending on what you consider the beginning of your week). Each week below will contain your workouts for that week as well as some things to expect that week and encouragement. Workouts will be posted in these pages the end of the week prior.

By now, you should have all the information and be familiar with this client portal. You should also be connected in the Facebook group page, if you choose, for tips, support, and encouragement.

I am thrilled that you are now ready to begin your program and be on your way to the healthiest you possible!

Refine YOU

Mind, Body, and Spirit